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Who We Are

The goal of our organization is to provide daycare services that not only provide the comfort of home, but also enhance your child's skills without compromising on playing and having fun.

  • Understading Learning Styles
  • Personalizing Instruction Maintaining Potential
  • Engaging Capabilities
  • Developing abilities to think, create, design, reflect, solve problems
Under the hood of love, among a staff of caring and expert teachers, little kids grow up and develop, here, at Caring Hood. is just the pre-school for your child, where he/she will spend a wonderful time admist play and fun. Lots of games and a variety of activities are so planned that learning will take place incidentally.

"The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences."
- Maria Montessori

Caring Hood offers a balanced curriculam at par with international schools.It has a strong and permanent academic support from VIDYAGARTEN, a novel concept developed by Tusharika Limaye, who has an experience of breitling replica 30 years in the field of education. she has a firsthand experience of dealing with students from KG level to PG level, and has authored a number of books on primary education, English grammer, Creative writing, value education etc.


  • The curriculum is implemented through specially prepared teaching-learning material.
  • All kinds of toys, teaching aids, audio-video CDs and power point presentations are used to make learing effective.
  • Important days, days of National significance, festivals and cultural events are celebrated throughout the year.
  • Music, singing, dance, karate, yoga are regular weekly activities.
  • Short trips and visits to temple, garden, Zoo, post office, bank, railway station and airport are oraganized as per the group of the students.
  • According to the 'Critical age hypothesis', language is learnt only upto a certain age. small children have the ability to pick up a language and the sooner, the better.Hence, Hindi and Marathi are also introduced.
  • Students are given plenty of scope for participating in various indoor and outdoor games.
  • Annual social gathering, competitions co-curriculam and extra-curriculam activities are conducted from time to time.
  • Stress-free and flexible systeam of evalution
  • Artwork, clay modelling, Craft, Cutting, pasting, painting coloring and drawing are some of the creative tasks for the budding talents.

Our Team

Parents Feedback

Anavyi Joshi - We are very satisfied with the progress we have seen in Anvayi after joining the pre-school. She is enjoying her time in school and always eager to go to school,which to us as parents is extremely joyful.
Abhay Joshi & Aboli Joshi
Saish Tantak - Satisfactory performance,Lot of changes in kid after joining school started becoming social. Thank you all and keep it up.
Archana Tantak & Nilesh
Manas Rane - Manas has changed his habits after going to school. He has become very good boy.We are breitling replica fully satisfied with his response.
Rashmi Rane & Bhushan Rane
She is doing all the homework, painting work enjoyfully. We thanks teacher, all supporting staff for their whole dedication.
Amol J-Karmalkar & Archana Karmalkar
Its really good and happy to say that my daughter learned any things from her school and she is enjoying her time. And is changing her bad habits and silent behavior. So I thanks teachers and staff of caring hood.

We like the attention given to our child.Please keep up the good work. We are very happy with overall performance of Ayushi after joining pre school.She is enjoying her school and eger to go to school.The teaching methods are excellent.The attitude of handling the student by teaching is very nice. We have observed improvements in his activities.Teachers are very nice and caring too for the children.