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Welcome to Caring Hood

In short it is a journey of fun for the tiny lots to explore the wonderland at Caring hood as they grow. We hope our students lead a happy, joyful, fearless & stress - less life.

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    We at Caring hood believe in " Shaping lives today for a letter tomorrow" We have adopted the play way method of education wherein the child willingly undergoes optimum stimulation so as to enhance creatively & sensitize their heart & soul , music ,dance ,art & craft are made an integral part of their daily schedule.
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    The directors of Caring Hood - Manali Jagdale & Sonali Wani personally take adequate care, provide love & affection to each & every little one as their own child thereby creative a strong emotional landing with them.
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    We help nature the growing child to face the future loudly &confidently. We mould their career in a positive derivation by imbruing knowledge & creatively in them this is done by exposing them to various physical & mental development activities in a smooth & enjoyable pattern .We also keep a keen watch on their needs & interests and make them feel sealer by providing a homely atmosphere.